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What do we do?

We can service your vintage:
ADM, Allison Research, ADR, Alice, Altec, Ampeg, Ampex, amp-haus, API, Audio Developments, Auditronics, Audix, BFE, Bilco, Binson, Blonder Tongue, Calrec, Cadac, Collins, DBX, Decca, Eckmiller, Electrodyne, EMT, Fairchild, Federal, Fender, Filtek, Flickinger, Focusrite, Fonia, Gates, Gibson, G&L, GML, Gretsch, Harris, Harrison, Inovonics, ITI, Klien & Hummel, Lang, LAWO, Lomo, Maihak, Marshall, Martin, McCurdy, MCI, Morgan, Neotek, Neumann, Neve, NTP, Orange, Philips, Pultec, Purple, Pye, Quad Eight, Quantum Audio Labs, R&S (Rohde & Schwarz), RCA, RFT, RFZ, Roland, Scully, Shep, Siemens, Sontec, Specta Sonics, Sphere, SSL, Studer, TAB, Telefunken, Teletronix, Trident, Tweed, UA (Universal Audio), UREI, Valley People, Ward-Beck (WBS), Warm, Western Electric, Westrex, Wheatstone, WSW, Yamaha...
If you broke it (or found it that way), we can fix it.

Guitar setups

Quick, professional guitar setups.

Rapid prototyping

Got an idea for a product for the recording studio? We can help you make it a reality in less time than you think.

Guitar amp service

From the littlest fix, to a major rebuild of an ancient barn find. We can get it done. WE likely have the parts in stock already.

Rack your vintage gear


Service your studio gear


Component sales


New gear sales


Vintage gear sales and acquisition


Custom faceplates and racks


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